About Us

In 2018 Lightweight Composite Structures b.v. was founded by Huub van Elswijk in Heino, Overijssel, The Netherlands. From 2004 to 2017 he has passionately produced and innovated in among others the BIOD caravans.

He uses his knowledge about how to build sustainable, lightweight and very strong constructions with composites  in Lightweight Composite Structures  to create products where those qualities have an important added value. Moreover, developments for one product can lead to developments for another product as well.


Under the names of MiCasa and Micasita, energy-efficient houses are being produced that fulfill the need of a growing command of self-sufficient tiny houses, houses for informal care, small officie units et cetera. Besides custom fit building, the finishing touches to a standerd model are being made right now that could be made switchable in its length, easy to install and relocate and be transported behind a car.

As our products are not being made on a large scale, we can deliver custom fit products that can be made as desired.


To innovate is a continuous process during which we're constantly looking for more efficient, cheaper and mores sustainable way to produce our products. Environmental awareness is highly valued in our company and by using our composites wisely, we can contribute in saving energy and materials. Although many of our products have a far longer lifespan than our clients, sustainability does not stop there and it excites us that composites can be fully recycled after their life span or useful life. In doing so, the fibre-enriched materials are seperated from the core materials after which they are grinded to a material which can be used in composites again. In this way, less new matierals are necessary to create a new product. Our productional waste is being re-used within the company as much as possible and what cannot be used, goes to another company that recycles the waste for us.