Under the names of MiCasa we produce both big and small composite living areas (sometimes referred to as plastic house) which are both suitable for permanent & recreational living.

Options for permanent living might be living areas for bedside care and office units, but also bigger houses or bungalows. Almost every design and look is possible!


All the requirements of the buildings decree with regard to isolation can be satisfied and building energy-neutral is no problem at all. Due to the seamless and windproof constructions and excellent isolation the building can be heated up electrically with very little power. As a result, no drains nor an expensive kettle and its maintenance are necessary. An environmental-friendly alternative for electrical heating is a small pellet stove which guarentees a great ambiance, but doesn’t have the disadvantages of a wood stove.



While building the MiCasa units, fire resistance is kept in mind and watched closely to make sure that all the requirements of the buildings decree can be satisfied.


Every preferred look is possible

For the finishing touch, both on the inside and outside, the composites can be produced in multiple colours in a realistic wood, stone or concrete look. As composites do not require a lot of maintenance, you also save costs on painting.


Easily and quickly assembled

MiCasa units are produced prefab as a kit in the factory. Afterwards, they are transported to location with a trailer where they can be assembled within a day. A foundation or a concrete floor is unnecessary!

A brief summary of the advantages

  • Safe

  • Very sustainable

  • Cheap

  • Personal

  • Fast